Every NFL Team’s Smartest Free Agency Decision so Far

The official start of free-agency brought a flurry of previously-announced deals and surprise transactions across the league. There have been unexpected trades and failed free-agent plans, forcing teams to pivot to other nfl nike jerseys for cheap strategies. It’s a good time to look at every NFL team’s smartest free-agency decision so far now that the first-wave of talent is mostly off-the-board.

For many teams, it’s simply signing one player or solidifying one position groups. But others took on an entire philosophy and executed it perfectly, and those bold decisions are especially noteworthy. With $1.5 billion (and growing) spent on free-agent contracts, there’s plenty of acquisitions to choose from.

Some teams are clear winners from their actions so far, while others were more difficult to find even a silver lining for. Time will tell as to who the biggest winners and losers are but the short-term effects aren’t always hard to see.

Starting in alphabetical order, we’ll check in with the Arizona Cardinals—a team that has been fairly quiet in free agency this season.

Many NFL media and players showed dismay over the Arizona Cardinals’ decision to give cheap nfl nike jerseys from china quarterback Sam Bradford a one-year, $15 million deal that could swell to $20 million with incentives. But those takes are misguided and missing why the Cardinals wanted Bradford. The Cardinals didn’t have much of a choice but to acquire Bradford considering their situation.129da1a2b4eec4dc2c79b0e1355d7364_crop_exact

Because the Cardinals have utterly failed in landing a young, developing quarterback over the last several years, they had no signal cheap nike nfl jerseys free shipping callers entering this off-season. If the Cardinals were picking higher than 15th overall, they’d likely feel more confident in their ability to draft a face of the franchise, but they’re more likely to be choosing from quarterbacks who will nfl cheap jerseys nike need a year or two until they’re ready to hit the field. Instead of signing a career backup who may not fend off a rookie like AJ McCarron, they signed Bradford, who is at-worst an average starter who can be an asset if he stays healthy.