The Worst-Case Scenario Every NFL Team Must Avoid in 2018 Season

Now that the first wave of free agency has come and gone, it’s time for NFL teams to begin looking ahead to the 2018 draft and beyond.

What must the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots do to get back to the Super Bowl? What will it take for teams like the New nfl jersey for cheap Orleans Saints to make it to football’s biggest stage? How can the Cleveland Browns get out of the league’s toilet bowl?

There’s a flip side to that coin, too. Every NFL team must avoid certain pitfalls—draft-day gaffes, ill-advised strategy decisions and potential injuries—that will ruin their 2018 seasons.872492722a651b145f23a6b80fa42e19_crop_exact

Forget the power of positive thinking for now. Instead, indulge in every team’s worst-case scenario.

With quarterback Carson Palmer and head coach Bruce Arians having retired this offseason, the Arizona Cardinals are on the cusp of a full-blown rebuild. However, they attempted to stave that off by adding quarterback Sam Bradford, giving stalwarts like Larry Fitzgerald one nfl jerseys cheap authentic more chance to make the playoffs.custom nfl jerseys cheap

We’ll see how long that lasts.

In a Week 1 scorching of the New Orleans Saints last season, Bradford threw for 346 yards and three scores. However, a knee injury caused him to miss all but 26 snaps over the rest of the year.

That’s the story of Bradford’s career in a nutshell. He’s missed a staggering 48 games in his eight NFL seasons, including the entire 2014 season and most of last year.custom nfl jerseys

Bradford will now line up behind an offensive line that led the NFC in sacks allowed last year, which suggests it isn’t a matter of if he will get hurt; it’s when. And once he gives way to Mike Glennon, the Cardinals will find themselves knee-deep in their rebuild.