Russell Westbrook

Between his full-throttle style and seemingly superhuman stats, Russell Westbrook was always a likely candidate to join the Association’s face-mask crew. He did it in maybe the most Westbrook way possible, suffering a fractured bone in his right cheek while tallying his third straight triple-double in February jerseys cheap authentic

The injury was the result of friendly fire, as he fell and was hit in the face by teammate Andre Roberson’s knee. The collision left Westbrook with “a noticeable imprint on his right cheek,” per the Associated Press.

That happened on a Friday. After sitting out a contest that Sunday, Westbrook was back in action the coming Wednesday. Moreover, the masked Westbrook was just like the unmasked version. He not only triple-doubled for the fourth consecutive game, but he had his most points (49) and rebounds (15)—both custom nfl jerseys cheap career highs at the time—of that stretch.

“For those of you, including myself, that thought Russell might need a couple of games to get used to wearing the mask, we were wrong,” then-Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks said, per ESPN’s Royce Young.customized nfl jerseys cheap

Remember Brandon Williams? Neither do we.

But his 18-game NBA career still produced one of the Association’s more magical masks, which we still can’t tell if it’s more Zorro or Dread Pirate Roberts. And if Williams is producing any kind of basketball debate to this day, that’s something no one can ever take away from him.

By the way, how great were the ’90s?custom nfl jerseys  It was a lost opportunity whenever the Association ended its facial-accessory relationship with Party City.

You have to appreciate Alonzo Mourning’s ingenuity. While the rest of the hoops world scrambled to find the ideal mask design, ‘Zo opted for a full-on helmet to protect a fractured cheekbone in 1998.

Here’s to hoping Mourning started each game of his masked helmeted run with a healthy, “This is Sparta!”customized nfl jerseys

LeBron James

If you boiled Miami’s Big Three run down to a single image, this would warrant some discussion. If nothing else, LeBron James’ Zorro-style look put a masked face on basketball’s best villains.

The protective gear was required after James broke his nose while posterizing Serge Ibaka in February 2014. After sitting out a contest, James returned with the black carbon-fiber mask and promptly ripped the New York Knicks for 31 points on 13-of-19 shooting.

“I liked the look of it; it looked menacing,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said, via ESPN.

Sadly, the league office was less impressed and asked James to switch to a clear version. He acquiesced and then proceeded to set both a career high and a Heat franchise record nfl authentic jerseys with 61 points against the then-Charlotte Bobcats two games later while donning the see-through visor.

There’s something unsettling about Bill Laimbeer’s former face guard.

At first, it seems a tad less intimidating than one would think the enforcer of the “Bad Boys” Detroit Pistons would wear. But the more you look at how closely it contours to his face, it almost gives off this creepy Hannibal Lecter vibe like Laimbeer is wearing someone else’s filleted face on top of his own.

Let’s move on before Laimbeer nfl authentic jerseys cheap takes this the wrong way and throws one of his signature elbows our direction.

Considering the run of bad luck Kyrie Irving has had nfl jersey wholesale with injuries, it’s no surprise he’s a veteran of the mask game.

In 2012, he broke a bone in his jaw against the Milwaukee Bucks. But he not only avoided an absence, he played the next night in a black mask, scorching the New York Knicks for 41 points on 15-of-25 shooting.

This past November, Irving again needed plastic protection for his visage after missing one contest with a facial fracture. This time, he opted for a clear mask and dropped 25 points best nfl jerseys and five assists on the Brooklyn Nets.

It wasn’t a fashion choice but rather a calculated decision to boost his distributing.

“[Irving] says he couldn’t see peripherally with [the black mask], so he had no choice but to shoot every time down,” ESPN’s Chris Forsberg reported. “Chose clear this time so he could share the ball.”nfl jersey for cheap