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Thursday Night Football Color Rush Alternate Uniforms Reportedly ‘Going Away’

Say goodbye to Color Rush uniforms on Thursday nights this coming fall.nfl nike

Bill Wanger of Fox Sports said Tuesday the NFL plans to scrap the alternate uniforms it used during Thursday Night Football telecasts beginning with the 2018 season, per Jason Barrett of Barrett Sports Media.
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However, Mike Garafolo of NFL Network reported the Color Rush uniforms won’t be going away completely. They just “might not be exclusive to Thursday nights anymore,” sources told him. hi-res-391f80e37a348a15a2a3a5c9405bd39c_crop_north

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to anyone. In December, the NFL said it was allowing teams to have “more flexibility” with their Thursday night uniforms, per Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, which effectively ended the Color Rush push.nfl shirts

The polarizing Color Rush uniforms began rolling out in 2015. Some fans delighted in nfl wholesale the alternate offerings, while others were put off by the bright colors. In one notable mishap, a Color Rush game between the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills proved to be a mess for those with red-green colorblindness.

That should no longer be an issue now that Fox is taking over Thursday games. official nfl football