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Portland Trail Blazers (via Kings): Jonathan Isaac

Injuries limited Jonathan Isaac to just 27 games as a rookie, which is the main reason he fell to No. 10 in this re-draft.

Flashes of defensive versatility still fuel plenty of optimism. Isaac guards inside and out, showing the ability to block shots (1.1 in 19.8 minutes), switch out to the perimeter and quickly recover.

He’s further behind offensively, but he possesses an intriguing skill set for a 6’10” big. Isaac made a respectable 16 of his 46 three-pointers, and in space, he’s shown he can handle the ball and make a move. nfl women jerseys

Zach Collins has come on late for the Trail Blazers, and he wouldn’t be a bad pick again in the re-draft. But Isaac has the chance to be a unique defensive weapon and face-up mismatch, as long as he can stay on the floor.

Age (22) and defense allow Kyle Kuzma to fall to No. 9 in a re-draft. Otherwise, it’s pretty obvious he’s an NBA scorer, having just averaged 16.1 points on 45.0 percent shooting. 62a49bedbd8a0acd07c949b3831dc1c0_crop_exactnfl cheap jerseys from china

He’d give the Dallas Mavericks a tough one-two punch with Harrison Barnes at the forward spots.

Kuzma flashed advanced skills and sharp versatility as a shot-maker (2.1 threes per game) and shot-creator, which ultimately was masked at Utah and led to his falling deep into the 2017 first round.

Not in the re-draft—Kuzma should have been a top-10 pick for his ability to put the ball in the basket.china nfl nike jerseys

Frank Ntilikina made his mark on defense while flashing sporadic signs of shot-making and facilitating ability, but De’Aaron Fox’s athleticism and upside remain too enticing.
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He puts pressure on defenses the way Ntilikina can’t. Fox showed more star potential, having also come through multiple times in the clutch with key last-minute buckets as a rookie.

Even his big weakness, shooting, looked better than expected, with Fox having made 47 threes.

He’d give the Knicks a different look and new dimension of speed they don’t get with Ntilikina or Trey Burke.

Sacramento Kings (via Blazers): Josh Hart

Though 23 years old, Hart is a scoring threat that the Kings could use in their rotation. With the opportunity to play in a full-time role, he averaged 23.8 points over his final four games, showing the ability to generate offense inside the arc and behind it.

No. 19. Atlanta Hawks: Malik Monk

It took months, but Monk came to life toward the season’s end, when he averaged 20.4 points over his last five games. He’ll need to find ways to get himself easier scoring chances, but the Hawks should still see an NBA shooting guard who can score in bunches once his confidence starts pumping.nfl cheap jerseys from china

No. 18. Indiana Pacers: Luke Kennard

Kennard established himself as an immediate shot-maker capable of handling the ball and scoring in various ways. The Pacers could use his 41.5 percent three-point shooting behind Victor Oladipo.

No. 17. Milwaukee Bucks: Jarrett Allen

Though limited offensively, Allen proved to be a finishing weapon at the rim, having shot 58.9 percent from the floor. Even if he never develops into a skilled post player or shooter, his size, length and mobility should translate to easy baskets and blocked shots (1.2 per game).

No. 16: Minnesota Timberwolves (via Bulls): Jordan Bell

Bell would be ideal for the Wolves with his defensive energy and ability to guard all over. Just like he has in Golden State, he’d be able to continue playing to his strengths in Minnesota behind Karl-Anthony Towns.

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No. 15: Sacramento Kings (via Blazers): Bam Adebayo

Adebayo has been an effective big in Miami for his finishing around the basket and defensive versatility. Occasional flashes of skill suggest he could wind up becoming more than just an energy player.

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No. 14: Miami Heat: John Collins

Collins offers value at No. 14 after he averaged 10.5 points on 57.6 percent shooting and 7.3 rebounds in 24.1 minutes. He’s already an efficient, productive and active role player by using his tools and explosiveness. Now the question is how much more he’ll improve his ball skills, shot and defense.nfl women jerseys